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SPFX of the Theatre

Europe M.A.
Europe/US early 1800's
Europe/US in the 1800's
The British Theatre

Philippe Jacques DeLoutherbourg (1740-1812), a French artist, created spectacular effects of places and weather through light, sound, murals and music. He was the first to use ground rows, small pieces of senery flats to create a look of depth. He also used miniatures to depict battle scenes, marching armies, and sailing vessels at far away distances. He redid lighting systems and installed overhead battens, large drum shaped scopes. He also used silk screnes ang gauze curtains to gain subtle  color changes in the light to simulate weather conditions and times of the day. By 1770, he gained control over color, in 1745, theatre spent 340 pounds on lighting systems, which jumped to 1,470 pounds in 1770.


An example of ground rows


Look at the lights not the man (don't die though...) they're called battens.

Real Literature, Ladies and Gents?

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